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the tommy fund

THE TOMMY FUND began in 1999 to raise money to pay for a crucial ultrasound for a homeless four-month old kitten rescued from the streets in New Haven. During his first check-up, the veterinarian discovered a severe heart murmur and an ultrasound was needed to diagnose the problem correctly. The Greater New Haven Cat Project, Inc. (GNHCP) was able to raise the $200 necessary to provide Tommy with the ultrasound. After medical treatment, rest and lots of love from his adopted parents, Tommy is a happy, healthy and extremely playful adult cat. GNHCP has continued the Tommy Fund in order to provide care to other rescued cats requiring special care. Through generous contributions, GNHCP has been able to help many special needs cats, including those who have serious illnesses or injuries. Money raised will help cover veterinary care beyond the spay/neuter and vaccinations that GNHCP provides to all rescued cats. Extraordinary care includes diagnostic procedures (x-rays, ultrasounds, biopsies), as well as surgical procedures and on-going medical treatments (medicines, special foods, emergency veterinary visits). Tommy is a wonderful success story, but there are many other cats with special needs that require extraordinary care. GNHCP would like to be able to give every cat a chance to receive the medical treatment it needs. By donating to the Tommy Fund, you will enable us to aid the many special needs cats that may not otherwise be able to receive the care they need. Donations to the Tommy Fund can be sent to GNHCP, P.O. Box 1432, New Haven, CT 06506. Donations are tax deductible.


If you are interested in adopting your very own Tommy, please see our Seniors & Special Needs Tab. The adoption screening form is available on the Home Page. After completing the form, please save it to your device and email it to gnhcp1@gnhcp,org. Thank you.